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General Surgery

Our physicians provide a wide array of the General Surgery specialization.  As members of the American College of Surgeons and Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery, our surgeons are well versed in all areas of General Surgery: Breast, Colon/Rectal​, Endoscopy, Skin and Soft Tissue, Endocrine, Minimally Invasive, Robotics, Foregut, and in select areas of Vascular and Hepatobiliary Surgery.

Gallbladder Surgery

We perform Gallbladder Surgery routinely and successfully with minimally invasive techniques including robotics with excellent outcomes.

Breast Surgery

Our surgeons routinely care for breast cancer and benign breast diseases.  We do so with the latest in surgical arts including ultrasound-guided biopsy, core needle biopsy, and stereotactic guided biopsy without the use of surgery to obtain a diagnosis.  Our goal is to provide compassion, early detection, and prevention of Breast diseases including cancer.

Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery

We regularly provide care of skin and soft tissue structures such as skin lesions, lipomas, sebaceous cysts, and skin cancers.

Antireflux Surgery

When applicable, we provide various antireflux procedures for those interested in relief of reflux without medications or those interested in coming off of antireflux medications.  We have excellent success with laparoscopic minimally invasive strategies.


We regularly provide care in treatment of hemorrhoids, anorectal fissures, fistulas, perirectal abscess, and other rectal issues with the best possible comfort and modesty.We are well versed and sucessful in colon resection including laparoscopic approach for diverticulosis/diverticulitis and colon cancer.

Thyroid/Parathyroid Surgery

We care for various thyroid diseases including thyroid nodules, multinodular goiter, and parathyroid adenomas.  We are also able to provide minimally invasive parathyroid surgery when applicable.

Surgical Endoscopy

A large part of our practice is in the care endoscopy.  We regularly perform colon screening and prevention for colon cancer, diagnostic colonoscopy for Lower Gastrointestinal issues, and Upper Endoscopy for Reflux and Abdominal Pain.  Prevention and treatment of Colon Cancer and Polyps is our primary goal.

Hernia Surgery

We regularly provide corrective surgery for hernias.  Our physicians repair hernias in the umbilical and inguinal region in addition to repair of incisional hernias and hiatal hernias.  We offer a wide range of repair options including laparoscopic minimally invasive repair when indicated.

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